I had a subscription box post to put up but I decided to hold that off a few days and cover a topic close to my heart. I know it’s not beauty or makeup related but the majority of this blogs readers are women and this issue is one that many of us have had to deal with.

In the news you’ll have no doubt heard of the Harvey Weinstein case, this man used his power to sexually assault many women. This issue isn’t just a woman issue, men get sexually assaulted too, however the message I have for you is the same.

I’m 27, in my 27 years I have been sexually assaulted a number of times. The first being at the age of just 11, of those times, 2 have been on the street by complete strangers in daylight. Talking to other women it seems to be common, experiencing something ranging from shouting sexual things from passing cars, someone following her home to actual acts of sexual assault and rape.

Why should we feel we can’t walk in the street during the day alone? Why should we feel scared of being alone at work with a boss or coworker? Why should we put extra layers of clothes on so we don’t “ask for it”?

It had me thinking, why is this happening so often? Then I had a memory of school, if a boy put his hands on you and you told the teacher the response would be “it means he likes you” or “it’s a compliment” or the even more annoying term “boys will be boys”.  So tell me again how having a man in his 50’s groping me whilst I try to walk to the shop for bread at the age of 16 is a compliment?

Many of my friends are either having children or are already parents, I believe the change starts with us. Teach your son AND daughter that it’s NEVER ok to put your hands on another person. It’s never ok to grab at someone or make them feel trapped. Instead of doing what past generations did, which is excuse this behaviour we need to start to say NO.

Shouting sexual comments from a car isn’t going to make the person fall into your bed.

Grabbing at someones body without their permission isn’t ok.

Not accepting no as an answer isn’t ok.

We need to make changes, not in how we dress or only travel in pairs…..we need to teach the future adults that this behaviour isn’t excusable and isn’t ok.

People like Harvey Weinstein aren’t rare, many won’t report someone who gropes them and many don’t know who the person is to report them. It makes it a very scary world to live in, one I’d be scared of raising a daughter in.

Thanks for reading, sorry it’s a more serious topic today.