Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

Price: £33.50 for 30ml
You can purchase from or Debenhams.

The website says: “This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity and nonstop activity. It feels lightweight and comfortable and won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day.”

I came across this foundation when looking for one that was suitable for oily skin, I’ve had my fair share of foundations that have turned into an oily mess after a couple of hours and decided I wanted to find one that really did last and could control my oily skin. I think I speak for anyone with oily skin when I say there’s nothing nice about half of your foundation coming off on your hand when you touch your face.

I ventured to the Estee Lauder stand at Debenhams and got colour matched……ish… I’ll explain later. I got to have it put all over my face, which although the application wasn’t great (the girl was very….rushed in her application) I still wore it for the rest of the day to see if I would turn oily.

The first day I tried it was for a friends wedding, it was a very early start (so it was a 4am application), a 6 hour car journey and then it was all rush until we left the wedding at about 10.30 pm.

It applied beautifully, worked well with my beauty blender and gave great coverage. At no point during the very long day did I have to touch up my foundation, I didn’t appear oily and it was not too drying.

The only issue I have with it is that it oxidises on my skin, so although this is pretty close to my skin tone when I apply it after a short time it turns orangey. As I’m the second to lightest shade they do I’m not entirely sure what I plan to do next (maybe try the lightest shade but I feel that may not match my skin tone).

Pros: Long lasting, good shade range, great for oily skin, nice coverage, a little goes a long way and it’s easy to get your hands on.

Cons: Oxidises and no pump.

By far the pro’s outweigh the cons and it is my go-to foundation. If it didn’t oxidise on me then it would tick all the boxes I have. I’m not sure if it’s just me that has a problem with the foundation oxidising as it could very well be my skin that’s the problem. I certainly would (and do) recommend this foundation to anyone that wants full coverage foundation for oily skin.

I am aware you can buy a pump for the foundation, however it would be nice if it came with one already.

I rate this product 9.5/10.



Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 

Price: £28 + Postage


After watching countless Youtube Beauty Guru’s rave about this concealer I decided to give it a try, although my shade was out of stock for a long time so it was a long wait.
Sadly in the UK the only place to buy (without customs) is QVC and you can only buy in a set that includes the blending sponge.

Before trying Tarte I was using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer, I found it to be good but not as thick coverage as I’d have liked. Although it worked well with my Double Wear foundation.

I was very excited when my QVC order arrived, unfortunately I didn’t rate the sponge and it’s sat gathering dust as I’d rather use my Beauty blender. However the concealer was bright and didn’t oxidise on my skin, when placed next to my Estee Lauder concealer it was much thicker and lighter which suits my very pale skin better.
I’ve used this for a number of months now and I have found that a little goes a long way, it’s very full coverage and provides the brightness my under eyes need.

Lets look at the pros and cons.

  • Full coverage
  • Light and bright.
  • Great packaging.
  • Easy application.
  • Easy to blend.


  • Can only buy in the UK with the sponge.
  • Reacts with my Double Wear foundation.
  • Creases if not set with powder very quickly.

I can’t see myself ever changing to a different concealer as I really like the coverage and colour that this concealer provides. I need to try it with other foundations but my double wear is my go-to foundation, it does seem to react with it, appearing to move or thin the foundation out in the areas that it meets the concealer however if you are careful and don’t apply too far down it’s not noticeable.

Overall I really love this concealer and will be buying more before this one runs out. I think anyone that enjoys full coverage will really like this concealer and it is worth the hype.

Thank you for reading and I’m so sorry for the break, life has been pretty crazy lately however I hope to get back to a normal post schedule.

Emma x

September’s Glossybox

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box, it costs £10 per month and £3.25 postage per box. Glossybox usually contains 5 beauty products some of which are full sized. Glossybox ships around the 10th of each month.


Taylors 32 Toothpaste
Pixi by Petra Brow Tamer
MONU Fiji Facial Oil
STYLondon Siligel Blender
Skinfix Hand repair cream

Now lets take a closer look at each product, size and price.

Taylor’s 32 Natural Whitening Toothpaste Fennel & Mint 
Now this smells lovely, it doesn’t smell as harsh as normal toothpaste. I’ve only just started using this so can’t really say if it works yet or not, however it’s certainly more gentle than normal toothpaste and would be perfect for people who are sensitive to the taste of toothpaste. The price is reasonable too, I’d happily replace my normal toothpaste with this if I feel it works.
£5 (full size)

Pixi By Petra – Brow Tamer 
I actually already own this, I love it. I enjoy using it on no makeup days to straighten out any stray brow hairs. I have very sensitive skin and this doesn’t react badly with my skin. I really like Pixi products and have recommended this brow tamer to a few friends who’ve wanted a clear brow product. I will certainly be keeping, you can never have too many back ups.
£12 (full size)

MONU – Firming Fiji Facial Oil 
I’ve not yet used this as I suffer with a mixture of oily and dry skin. Although it may be fine with my dry areas I’m a little scared it might cause a breakout. However I plan to use this once I’ve plucked up the courage. I like the idea of it and have heard good things about this brand.
£26 (not full size)

STYLondon – Siligel Blender 
I’ve seen so many of these types of products on the market, a easy to clean alternative to the beauty blender….however I’ve also never seen a “successful” review of one. I plan to test this out this week on a day that I’m not bothered if it goes wrong. However I do hope it works, I’d love a way to apply my makeup without having to clean for ages to get the blender clean. I’m actually pretty excited to try this out.
£5.99 (full size)

Skinfix – Hand Repair Cream 
My husband will benefit from this greatly. The bottle says it’s safe for use eczema which I’m sure my husband would like to use. I’ve used many hand repair creams over the years as my hands got very dry and damaged from my job which involves a lot of water. I may review the cream separately at a later date after both my husband and I have had chance to give it a good use.
£12.99 (full size)


I’ve enjoyed this months box, there are a few products I’ve not had chance to try yet but part of the reason I get the box is to try out new things. I’m excited to try the new Siligel Blender and can’t wait to see if the toothpaste works as well as my current one. I’ve liked the very “clear” and “clean” theme of this box with both the pixi brow tamer and siligel blender being clear as well as the toothpaste box and firming oil bottle being white.

Thank you for reading,

Emma x


August 2017 Glossybox 

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box which costs £10 a month and £3.25 postage per box. Glossybox usually features 5 beauty products some of which are full size. Glossybox usually ships around the 10th of each month.


SportFX Face Mist
Valquer Ice Hair Mask
Batiste Dry Shampoo & Conditioner
Rodial Suede Lips
Modellauncher Bronzer

Lets take a closer look at each product, size and price.

SportFX – Time Out Face Mist + Fix  
SportFX is a UK based brand, which started out targeting gym goers looking for the perfect gym proof makeup. Glossy Box says you can use this under foundation or on top. What I can say is the first thing you notice about this product is the smell of menthol, which is a little off putting. I wasn’t keen having that smell on my face all day as it was very strong. I also found this very sticky, which I guess would make it a good primer but I can’t stand anything sticky, it honestly left me wanting to wash my face all day and was all I could think about. I’m sure this is perfect for some people, it just didn’t tick the right boxes for me.
£5.99 (full size)

Valquer –  Ice Hair Mask Total Repair  
Described as an “energising hair mask with cooling effect. Which enhances and optimises the macadamia oil for the most unruly and exigent hair”. I’m intending to use this tomorrow as I’ve not yet had time to try it but it certainly seems interesting. The bottle is beautiful and it smells lovely. Wonder what it can do for my hair….
£14.99 (not full size)

Batiste – 2in1 Dry Shampoo and Conditioner 
I’ve mentioned Batiste before as it’s a brand that often crops up in monthly subscription boxes. I’d say I’ve had Batiste dry shampoo 4 or 5 times now and each time I’ve always felt the same way. I overall enjoy the products but I feel like they do leave behind a little bit of white residue even when used from far away, as my hair is bright red it can look dull and dirty after using it. If I could use it without the residue then I’d be a very happy bunny indeed.
£4.49 (not full size)

Rodial – Suede Lips 
I’ve used a couple of Rodial products in the past, I can’t say I’ve ever been massively impressed. I feel like this brand maybe gets forgotten a bit, I know I don’t really think of or reach for the products of theirs I have. However Suede lips is a nice product, the colour I got is a rich plum which is ideal for the fall months. It applies smoothly, looks nice and is a good size for storing. I do consider the price a little high but that is just my opinion, I’m planning on using this more during the next month so I may change my mind.
£22 (full size)

Modellauncher – Safari Sun Bronzer 
This bronzer is adorable, in the pan it’s just great. I’m very pale so this was a little too dark for me, I’m also not a fan of having glitter in my bronzer. However I’d happily use this in the crease on my eyes as the gold glitter makes a nice pop to a “natural” eye look. I was a little shocked to see both mica and talc as the first two ingredients in this bronzer but for the size and price point you can’t complain too much. I’m planning on gifting this to a friend who’s skin is not as paper white as mine.
£16.50 (full size)


August’s box was a nice mix, I’m a little bit bored of seeing Batiste in these boxes and now have a little stash of them that I don’t use. However I really enjoyed seeing a nice bronzer and hair mask in this box (even if I’m too pale for the bronzer). Loved the blue box too this month, it makes a nice change from the typical Glossybox design.  I got a summer feeling from this box which was what I was hoping to feel. I’d like to see more variety in the brands they use though.

Thank you for reading,
Emma x

July 2017 – GlossyBox 

I’m sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve had some health issues that I’m battling through. I’m back now however and you can expect my October Glossy Box review once the box arrives. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Glossy Box is a monthly subscription box, which usually contains 5 beauty / skin care products. This box costs £10 per month and £3.25 postage per box. It typically ships around the 10th of the month.

Lets take a look at July’s Glossybox…


Papanga Spiral Hairbands
CuteBalms Macaroon Tint Balm
BellaPierre Banana Powder
Spectrum Small Fan Brush (A10)
MONUspa Soothing After Sun Lotion

Now for a closer look at each item, size and price.
Papanga – Spiral Hairbands 
I have really thin hair and I often find when I tie my hair back it gets caught up in the hair tie and I end up pulling half my hair out when taking the tie out. I’ve used a few of these types of hairbands in the past, they are supposed to help prevent damage to your hair. These are a lot larger than the ones I usually use and I’ve used them a couple of times now with no issue.
£4.99 for 2 (Full size)

CuteBalms – Macaroon Tint Balm
Adorable, tastes pretty nice too. However It’s not really offering anything different to the many tinted balms I already own. Personally I feel the price is a little high for what you get, although I assume maybe you’re paying for the “cute” packaging.
£5.99 (Full size)

BellaPierre – Banana Powder 
I’m a big fan of BellaPierre’s eye shadows so I had high hopes of this working out well. GlossyBox suggests you use this to bake, I’ve not used it to bake yet however I’ve used it as a setting powder and it has worked really well. It hasn’t reacted badly with my skin and doesn’t look cakey! I have redish skin too so feel that it does help a little with colour correcting too.
£25 (Full size)

Spectrum – Small Fan Brush (A10)
I LOVE Spectrum Brushes, they are soft, work well and are of course beautiful. Sadly in August Spectrum suffered a fire at one of their supply warehouses and lost a lot of stock. I’d strongly recommend buying one of their brushes especially to help a small, great brand get back on their feet. This brush is cruelty free, I love using fan brushes to apply highlighter so it will certainly get plenty of use.
£4.99 (Full Size)

MONUspa – Soothing After Sun Lotion
Against animal testing, made in the UK and smells lovely…what more could you want? This lotion uses Shea butter and Aloe Vera to sooth the skin after a day out in the sun. I only got to use it twice as our weather is unpredictable. However the two times I got to use it I felt it really did help.
£19.95 (Not full size)

July’s box is lovely, I’m loving the Banana Powder and the Spectrum brush the most. This box was certainly worth the £10 giving us 4 full sized products out of 5! I felt this box was a good mix of items, I’ve really enjoyed this box.

Thank you for reading.