Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 

Clinique Moisture Surge

Clinique Moisture Surge

I’ve been excited to do this review for so long now, it’s sometimes hard to explain why you like something and I feel that’s how it is with this product but I’ll try my best.

The Clinique website describes this as “Light, comfortable cream/gel plumps skin with hydration for a full 24 hours. Fine lines, flakiness and tightness are washed away. In their place-a sense of supple, firm, vibrant well-being, even through shifts in humidity. One ‘drink’ and skin looks and feels happier, healthier.”

I like Clinique as a brand but they didn’t in my eyes have a really stand out product. Until I came across this bad boy.

I had gone in to Clinique to buy some makeup as my skin is very sensitive, I bought so much that I got some free samples and one of those samples was a very tiny sample of this “moisture surge”.  I’m always reluctant to slap stuff onto my face because between my sensitive skin and the fact my skin is also very oily I never want to trigger a break out or a big ugly red irritation.
I tried this out, I couldn’t have been more impressed. This feels very light and fresh on the skin, it absorbs fast and doesn’t leave you feeling icky.  It doesn’t have much of a scent which is perfect if you don’t want to walk around with a strong smell on your face all day.
I used the sample up within about a month of daily use and found that it didn’t cause any spots or increased oil, I also noticed the day after I stopped using it that my skin felt dry, brittle and dehydrated.
As soon as I could I bought more, I’m now on my 3rd bottle of this and can’t see how I ever lived without it.  It makes a massive difference to how I feel in my skin, without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Worth every penny.

I’ve used it on it’s own and under my makeup, both work great but I’d let it fully absorb into the skin before applying anything on top.

The only way this product could be better was if Clinique was cruelty free, but we can all dream.

If you’re suffering with dry skin or skin that just feels “meh” then give this a try.

It’s suitable for all skin types and retails at £34.00 for 50ml

June’s GlossyBox

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box which usually contains 5 beauty, makeup or skin care items. This box costs £10 per month plus £3.25 postage.

Let’s take a look at June’s Glossybox.

June's Glossy Box 2017


111 skin – Eye Lift Gel

Sleek makeup –  Plump Lip Crayon

Himalaya – Face Wash

Batiste – Volume Spray

BeautyPro – Black Diamond Mask

Manna Kadar – Sheer Glo

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo

Now it’s time for a closer look at each item, size and retail price.

Manna Kadar – Sheer Glo (20ml)
This is a liquid illuminator, this also says you can mix it with foundation or wear alone. It doesn’t smell very strong at all and as I’m very pale I was a little unsure how it would appear on my skin however it does show up although maybe not as bright as I’d like. It does have a pinky tone to it and so I would blend out if you are wearing this completely alone.
This isn’t full size however full size of this product retails at £22.50

Batiste – Oomph my locks XXL volume spray (full size)
This is a beauty box staple, I think I’ve had this 3 times in travel size but this is the first full size I’ve had. I enjoy using this lightly in my hair to give it volume as I have very thin hair, although I don’t like to use too much of it a little bit goes a long way.
This retails at £4.29

111 Skin – Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel (5ml)
This gel apparently does everything you’d want an eye gel to do, reduces fine lines, reduces puffiness and helping reduce the appearance of dark circles. But then you have that price tag…oh the pain. On the plus side this small sample allows us to try a product that we may pass by otherwise.  First impression is that it’s light, non irritating and smells nice but not over powering. Dark circles are something I’ve always been very insecure about, if this actually works then I could see myself buying the full sized one in the future (my poor bank balance).
This isn’t full size, full size 15ml of this product retails at £110

Sleek Makeup – Power Plump Lip Crayon (Full size) 
This apparently contains a tingling ingredient that causes the blood to rush to your lips, causing them to look plumper. It smells nice and the shade is cute, a nude (1050 Notorious Nude) that will look good along side most makeup looks. The tingle is a light tingle, not uncomfortable but you can feel it.
This retails at £5.50

Himalaya – Purifying Neem Face Wash (50ml)
“Cleans & Purifies for clear, problem-free skin”. Neem is known for it’s anti-bacterial properties making it a good ingredient to use in a face wash. This is paraben free and hypoallergenic making it wonderful for those of us with sensitive skin.
Full size retails for £3.29

BeautyPro – Black Diamond Peel Off Mask (1 mask)
This mask is with activated charcoal which helps get deep into the pores and remove impurities. I’ve not had chance to try this yet but really can’t wait to give it a shot. I love a good face mask and pulling them off is very satisfying.
£4.95 for a pack of 3.

Another good box this month, although I get a little bored of Batiste hair products in beauty boxes but I don’t dislike any of the products this month. I’m not sure I’ll use the Sheer Glo as it will show as a big pink mess on my pale skin but I’m sure a friend will love it. I do wonder if the 111 skin eye gel will work magic on my dark circles? I guess only time will tell.
I’ve enjoyed the past couple of boxes from Glossy box and I feel like they’re stepping their game up. Keep it up Glossy box.

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May’s GlossyBox

Sorry for the delay in posting this, I actually didn’t get my May Glossybox however Glossybox did fix the problem and send it out to me later.

GlossyBox is a monthly subscription box which contains a variety of items usually beauty, makeup or skincare related. In each Glossybox you get 5 items which vary from sample size to full size.They have different subscription options but to pay month to month is £10 and £3.25 postage.

Let’s look at what’s in May’s Glossybox.



Dr PAWPAW original balm – provides relief for dry, irritated skin, moisturises lips, nails and cuticles.

Ruby – powder blush in coral.

Caudalie – Moisturizing Sorbet

Daily Concepts – Exfoliating Body Scrubber

Scrub Love – Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub (Avocado and Aloe Vera)

Impressed with the variety this month, lets take a closer look at each item, it’s size, claims and how much it costs.

Dr PAWPAW original balm (25ml) (full size)
the back of the packet reads “provides relief for dry, irritated skin, moisturises the lips, nails and cuticles. Soothes dry, cracked skin such as hands and elbows. Use for adding finishing touches to hair and smoothing brows. Helps with insect bites and minor abrasions”. Well this product sounds like it does it all, I’ve never used any DR PAWPAW products before although I’ve heard the name.
It doesn’t really smell of anything at all, I really like the texture although it takes a bit of force to get it out of the tube. I like the size, it’s a good size to fit into your handbag or travel bag without causing it to be heavy.
This is a full size item and retails at £6.95

Ruby – powder blush in coral. (full size)
I’m a bit fussy when it comes to makeup, I can’t say I was overly impressed with this. The colour in the pan looks great, however very little actually applies with brush or finger swatches. It feels very stiff and I just think if you were thinking of buying this for the full price then you can get better for less. (ELF blushes for example)
This is a product from the EU so this retails at 14.99 (euros)

Caudalie – Moisturizing Sorbet (10ml)
On their website it says “Thanks to its “quick break” technology, this gel-cream turns into water on contact, helping soothe, moisturise and strengthen the skin.” I’ve tried this product before and I really like it, it’s good for sensitive skin (always good!) and smells amazing.
This is a small sample size, however the full size (40ml) retails at £23.00

Daily Concepts – Exfoliating Body Scrubber (full size)
I’ve not had chance to try this out yet, however I’m very excited to see if it works. Apparently it tells you when it’s all scrubbed out, as the label fades when it needs replacing. Very smart indeed.
This is a full sized product and retails at £4.00

Scrub Love – Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub (100g) 
This says it’s suitable for all skin types, deeply cleansing and naturally hydrating. This is also not tested on animals (Woo hoo) and is also paraben free. “It’ll absorb all those pollutants and impurities that build up on your skin from day to day living and leave you squeaky clean”.
I love the packaging, cruelty free is always a bonus too. I can’t wait to give this a try.
This retails at £13.95


Overall I’m very pleased with the variety, the inclusion of a cruelty free brand is amazing. The only dud in the box in my opinion was the blush, although I’m sure many people love it. May’s box shows what glossy box can really do, one of the things I love about monthly subscription boxes is that it can introduce you to brands and products you’ve never thought about trying. This box really did that for me this month. Keep it up Glossybox.

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Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick

Something I never thought I’d have on my ride or die list was a lipstick, cursed with an overbite (yes TMI) I’ve found it next to impossible to find a lipstick that wouldn’t get all over my teeth within minutes of application. I’d accepted my fate of matte liquid lipsticks until one March day.

I ventured into Debenhams to pick up a new foundation (Review coming soon!) as I’d finally given in and decided to buy a more suitable for oily skin, I was now so fed up of looking like an oil slick after only an hour wearing my Too Faced Born This Way foundation. I found myself at the Estée Lauder counter as I knew their Double Wear foundation was apparently one of the best for oily skin. You know when you go to these counters you intend to only buy one thing and leave with £100 + worth of products? yeah that was this day.

The lovely lady at the counter had applied my new foundation for me to try out, along with the concealer, primer and now by this point I looked colourless. She asked if she could apply some makeup to my eyes, cheeks and lips….of course….I couldn’t continue the rest of my day like this. When it came to my lips she pointed to a fairly new launch of theirs which was a lipstick, I cringed at the thought of it being all over my teeth before we’d even left Debenhams. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I bought it and decided to give it a real try out on a day that I knew I needed it to last.

Before I tell you how it went here’s some product information in case you decide to buy it…or go in store and check it out.

Name: Estée Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick

Size: 3.5g

Colours: 30 shades

Packaging: Lightweight, easy to open and access. Colour visible on the bottom of the lipstick packaging making it easy to select a colour.

Price: £19

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick in “Strapless” @trustbeautyblog



   So, let’s talk about how I tested it out, I was attending a friend’s wedding and really didn’t fancy finding liquid lipstick all over my chin half way through the day so I decided to give this beautiful lipstick a try. I bought the colour “Strapless” which is a beautiful pinky shade which isn’t too far from my natural lip colour. I applied this before we’d set off for the wedding (a long, boring 4 hour drive!) and after drinking water on the way down I did have to do a touch up once we arrived. I found this very easy to do with the shape of the lipstick, actually easier than normal shaped lipsticks.

Throughout the day I had to re-apply after eating however it didn’t look bad, you couldn’t tell it wasn’t perfect unless you came right up into my face. I applied after my food and wine, at around 5pm and didn’t feel I needed to reapply after that. When I got to my hotel room at the end of the evening (10pm) my lipstick still looked good, wasn’t perfect but I could have gotten away without re-applying.

At no point during the day did I find any lipstick on my teeth or on my chin, I’m very interested to try the Matte version as my lipstick was a cream and so I did expect I’d have to touch up frequently. Overall my lips didn’t feel dry or goopy, it didn’t look bad after re-applying and it was very comfortable.

Final Thoughts:

Where has this lipstick been all my life? Until this lipstick I dreaded the idea of applying lipstick.

This lipstick is comfortable, pretty, easy to apply and isn’t messy. I will be buying more and this is my new go-to lipstick on days that liquid lipstick just doesn’t cut it.


Thank you for reading, I’ll be posting more product reviews soon.

Emma x



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Look Incredible Deluxe Box 

This is my first month trying this beauty box, this box is a high end beauty box costing £35 a month.

It costs the same as the cohorted beauty box and is highly rated. I’ve been very excited to try it out and try out the product selection.

Look Incredible Deluxe October 2016



  • Japonesque Makeup Setting Spray £29

I really like this setting spray, I’m not sure I’d select it over my Urban Decay setting spray but it’s a nice addition if you are looking for a new setting spray.


  • Mac Upward Lash Mascara £19

This really did lift my lashes, because the applicator is so small I decided to use it on my bottom lashes…don’t make that mistake it lifted them straight into my under-eye area causing mess! But on my top lashes this was great, I usually find my eyes get irritated after a little while with mascara but with this one I wore it all day without irritation.


  • Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner £15

I love too faced, this is the first lip liner of theirs I have had and I really love it. It applies great and easy to use. A fantastic addition to my makeup bag.


  • Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Roller Ball £17

I enjoy these sorts of products and I’m planning to buy the stress one, however the scent of this for me was too mild. I did use it when I had a cold last week and it did feel too mild. I love the idea of it and would be happy to get another to try.


  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes £10

This for me was the only downside to this box, I felt it was a bit of a cop out for a high-end beauty box. I could easily go down to boots and pick some of these up myself, not really what I want to find in my beauty box. Although I did enjoy using them I still would have liked a lesser easy to access product instead.



Overall, I really enjoyed this month’s box, I hope the quality is this good every month. Apart from the makeup wipes I really didn’t dislike any product in this box.