Glossy Box October 2016

This months glossy Box contained 5 items, 3 makeup items and 2 skin care items.

I’ve been subscribed to Glossy box for a year now and it really can be hit or miss as to getting good or bad products. They did give us a sneak look at one of the products that would be in this months box, it would be a PS product. I don’t think Glossy Box got the response it was looking for as many comments on this announcement were negative.

For those of you that are not aware PS is a brand name for primarks own brand makeup products. These products are very cheap products and a lot of people felt that easy to access products like primark makeup didn’t really deserve to be in a box that is aimed at beauty discovery.

Glossy Box October 2016

Glossy Box October 2016


This months box was the typical pink box and the contents are as follows.


  • PS pro Graphic eyeliner RRP £3 (Full Size)

This is primarks own brand eye liner, it is a very thick felt tip type liner. I did try it and found that it bled a lot more than I’d like from an eyeliner. It wasn’t something I’d purchase myself.


  • Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait RRP £12.95 (Full Size)

This is a “buttery lip cream”. The packaging is adorable however I didn’t feel it applied evenly I did go over it a couple of times and felt it still didn’t apply the way I’d like. The consistency was soft but I personally didn’t like how it applied.


  • Universal Beauty Cosmetics Secret Flush RRP £15 (Full Size)

This is a “cream blusher and lip stain duo”.

I’m not a massive cream blush fan, however I did like the colour and I would use it for lips more than cheeks as I don’t like the idea of layering creams on top of each other.


  • The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate (Tiny, sample size)

This was a real let down to me, as this was a tiny sample size which you can get for free from the body shop. I haven’t had chance to try it yet but I did feel it was a little bit cheeky including this as a product rather than a nice little “gift”.


  • Bee Good Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator RRP £10.50 (Full Size)

This is described as hydrating and skin calming which is good for me as my skin has a mind of it’s own. I really like Bee Good’s products and was very excited to see this great product included. I’d strongly recommend anyone who likes good quality and UK made products to give it a try.


What is this?

Now, for the product I feel may have broken faith in glossy box.

Included in the box was a small bottle of shampoo, the label was changed to say “New Beauty Shampoo”. It didn’t mention brand, ingredients or anything really to identify the shampoo and what hair types it was safe to use on. This left a lot of people commenting on their social media stating they wouldn’t be using any product without the information given to them first.

The idea I guess was to showcase a product without any bias from those “testing” it. A lot of people felt they could tell the brand from the smell and this was later confirmed by Glossy Box, I can’t remember how long after the box was sent out but I believe it was at least a week before they announced the brand and it turned out to be “head and shoulders”.

A lot of people did complain about this as apparently head and shoulders doesn’t mix well with coloured hair.

Personally I didn’t try the shampoo as my hair is very thin and I do have to be careful what I use. I don’t think this was a good move on their part, I do understand what they were trying to do but ultimately I think it caused more problems than it did good.



I didn’t like the included bottle of mystery shampoo, nor the Primark liner. I really wish they would stick to good brands as I don’t understand how they can mix a tiny sample of drops of youth in the same box as a full size bottle of Bee Good. Overall it was a mixed month, some good products and some not so good. I really hope they have some good plans for the December box as last years was great.