Cohorted October 2016

This is actually my very last Cohorted box, I unsubscribed for a couple of reasons. I didn’t feel the customer service was very good, nor did I feel you got the quality you paid for. I also found that out of the 3 months I subscribed, 2 of those months the box was late.

This months box did make me feel like I was right to step away from them, I may re-subscribe if they up their standards of service and quality.

Cohorted October 2016


The Cohorted black box is £35 a month and is a “high end” beauty box.


  • Too Faced No Filter Selfie Powders

I love too faced as a brand, I do love this packaging too with the cute Chihuahua on it. I’ve yet to try it but you get three good sized pans of finishing powders to give you a different “filter” to your look. I was very happy to see this in the box as it was on my “to buy” list.


  • Dr Botanicals Neroli & Shea Butter Body Nourishing Cream 100ml

I will be doing a full product review into this but as a little summery I like the smell and texture of this and the packaging is lovely. This product is also vegan friendly which is always a plus!


  • Paul Yacommine Mico Finish No3 25ml

Premium shine with organic essential oils.

As said in another blog post I’m not into hair oil myself but I’m sure they are a nice addition.


  • Paul Yacommine Mico Finish No1 25ml

Premium shine with organic essential oils.


  • Paul Yacommine Micro Treatment Oil 25ml

Protects from sun, sea and chlorine

I felt this was a weird addition to an October box, as this would be best suited during the summer months.



This box to me assured me I was right to cancel, the quality just isn’t there. I really liked the addition of the too faced item and even the body cream. However the hair products to me felt as though they were filler products.